Who Can We Help?

The methods we use in the Connected Kidz program have helped more than 45,000 kids just like yours. The challenges most commonly observed in the kids we work with include:

  • Distractibility and Attention

  • Task Avoidance

  • Attention to Detail

  • Follow Through with School Work

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Impulsivity

  • Mood and Behavior

  • Sensory Processing

The Connected Kidz program does not require your child to have a diagnosed condition. We also do not diagnose children. We specialize in identifying the struggles faced by your children, and provide tailored programs to balance the brain and body, which then helps them to overcome those challenges.


What's Unique About Connected Kidz?



According to a study done through Harvard University, Hemispherical Integration based exercises such as those used in the Connected Kidz program, have been shown to be AS EFFECTIVE as stimulant medication in alleviating ADHD symptoms in children. 




While medication can be a helpful short-term tool, it's side effects are well known and many parents agree it is not a desirable long term solution. We offer a wholistic approach to balancing the brain and body, including a tailored nutrition and exercise program designed specifically to address the needs of your child.




Many of our coaches have personal family experience with Autism or other learning and behavioural disorders. Josh is a Father of 5, Dr Bill is a father of 9 so they know how hard it can be. Their greatest desire is to have happy healthy children themselves, and that's what they sincerely want for everybody else too.




Our sessions involve therapies that are fun and engaging. We work through a series of movement-based exercises, challenging cognitive activities and engaging digital therapies like computer games, that improve co-ordination and timing. Whilst these sessions are fun and enjoyable, your children are actually working quiet hard and making great improvements towards balancing their brain and body.




Our services can be accessed through the NDIS with no out of pocket expenses.

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