Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for the Connected Kidz program?

The program is designed for children aged 3-17, however the Melillo Method has been used successfully on people of all ages. If you are considering this program for someone outside of this age range, please contact us so we can discuss your circumstances and match you up with the most suitable coach. 


How does the program run?

The Connected Kidz program is an Intensive program running 3 sessions per week, for between 12-16 weeks (depending on the specific needs of your child). Most other therapies you may have been involved in typically run weekly or fortnightly for an entire year. The Melillo Method requires frequent and consistent sessions for the therapy to be most effective.


What is the cost of the program?

The overall cost depends on the length of your program (see above) however, the cost per session is $60. The Connected Kidz program can be accessed through the NDIS with no out of pocket expenses. (NB- Additional costs are involved for NDIS clients who require extra services including; NDIS plan documents, quotes, progress reports, plan reviews etc).


Is the Program offered via distance?

Yes, our program is specifically designed to be run online, so you don't have the added stress of travelling to and from appointments. All of our coaches run their sessions via zoom, so are able to take on clients from anywhere in Australia or even internationally. If you live nearby a coach it is possible to have the Assessment sessions done in person, or even organise a coach to come to your child's school for their weekly sessions. (Travel costs apply). 


My child has retained primitive reflexes, can this program help?

Yes, one of the foundational elements of our program is to work on retained primitive reflexes. If after around 18 months a child still has retained reflexes, this is a sign of an underdeveloped brain.

My child is struggling at school, does this program help with academics?

Studies done on the Melillo Method took 60 randomly selected kids who were independently diagnosed with ADHD. After three months of their treatment at the end of the study, up to 60% of them improved a minimum of two grade levels and 35% improved in four grade levels or better. 82% of them were no longer considered ADHD based on standard testing. This is consistent with the results reported by parents of those we coach.


The most common improvements reported by those we coach include:

  • Reduced hyperactivity
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Gut health (regular bowel movements)
  • Less meltdowns
  • Better compliance at home and school
  • Reduced anger and aggression
  • Improved family relationships

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