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Meet Our Coaches

You can get started by choosing one of our amazing Connected Kidz Coaches!


While they each come from a variety of back grounds, including nursing, exercise therapists and early learning specialists, our Connected Kidz coaches have all been trained in the Melillo Method.


This means they specialise in creating and implementing a personalised brain balancing program for your child. 


Isaiah is one of the coaches here at Connected Kidz, currently studying a Bachelor of Education at Griffith University, majoring in primary education with a science minor.


He has been performing and teaching circus skills since he was 13, which is where he developed his passion for helping children grow.


He later taught as a head circus trainer for 2 years, working with children aged 2-14, many of whom had developmental and behavioural issues. He is also a personal trainer with a Certificate III and IV in fitness.



Josh is one of the founders here at Connected Kidz and father to 5 beautiful children.


He has a Bachelors in Health Science & a Graduate Diploma in Education with over 8 years teaching experience.


Josh is a Personal Trainer & Health Coach, as well as being one of only four people in Australia certified in the Melillo Method.


Vicki is one of our amazing coaches who has been trained in the Melillo Method.


She has a Bachelors Degree in Health Science and has been working as a Registered Nurse for 26 years, specialising in the Recovery Unit. She is also a Yoga Teacher, recently completing her qualifications in Kids Yoga.


She has two teenage boys who have benefited greatly from the Connected Kidz program, which has fueled her passion to coach others.

Success Stories

I know it is what's helped my son be a better person, and channel his emotions better.

Thanks josh for your programmes I know they help 100%. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I gained on the "miracle vitamin b3", I know it is what's helped my son be a better person, and channel his emotions better. I saw an improvement the day he started taking them and I know when he hasn't taken them.


Everyday they have their green drink, vitamins and shake. And overall we eat cleaner. Myron is still a work in progress but now he's wanting to eat off my plate again even if its veggies. So ill take those little wins.


Really really grateful for your love in wanting to help our kiddies and our families be better with an overall healthy self. Your amazing and I thank you for your time. 

Kalena Martin

It's an amazing program!

It's an amazing program! We were doing so great and are still trying to implement what we have learned. The green juice and vitamins and a good protein breakfast is something we try to incorporate daily. Thank you Josh!

Lesieli Laufalealo














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