Your Child's Personalised Plan

The Connected Kidz program uses a specific combination of physical, cognitive and sensory exercises designed to both strengthen and BUILD brain connectivity. These new and improved connections in the brain help to improve the bodies ability to focus, learn, socialise, manage stress and stay calm.


In order to create the changes we desire, it's critical to get to the root cause of the problem. That's why each program we deliver is specifically designed for your child. 


To create the individualised plan necessary for your child, our program begins with a 1-2hr in depth, comprehensive assessment. This takes place during week one of our intensive Connected Kidz Program.

How Does The Assessment Work?

The assessment is performed by one of our coaches either in person or via zoom. It runs over three sessions, two with the child present, and one for the parents only.


The assessment includes a combination of sensory, physical and cognitive activities that help identify the areas of development that require strengthening. The child is also tested to determine if there are any retained primitive reflexes. This is a significant step in building brain connections needed to help create improvements for your child.

What Happens Next?

After the initial assessment is completed our coaches are able to create your child's personalised program. Using results from the detailed assessment, we are able to develop the specific plan your child needs, including the necessary physical, sensory and cognitive activities required to strengthen and build brain connectivity. One of our Connected Kidz coaches will take you through this program over the next 15 weeks. The sessions are broken up into 3 half hour zoom sessions per week.

To book your child's personalised assessment, or to get your questions answered, fill in the form below so we can be in touch.

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