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After 8 weeks since starting the program, I was saying to my partner that I think we're at a point now where Sawyer wouldn't qualify for the specialty ADHD/Autism schools we had been looking at for him. Like the symptoms and things he struggled with were just falling away. I also received an email from the special education teacher at his school letting me know that his reading jumped so far in a super quick time they were shocked! And probably the best feedback was from my son himself, who randomly told me the other day that his autism is gone.

Tricia Pruett

Phenoix, USA

Our son participated in a Connected Kidz program. He has ADHD and bounces from relaxed to restless throughout the day. When we were about 2 weeks into the program, we noticed some changes in his behaviour. We saw that he was more balanced and experienced less of the highs and lows that we saw every day. He was also more positive, and came home from school feeling happy about his day. He also said that he liked doing the program because he could feel it working. 😄

Chloe Tukukino

Wellington, New Zealand

This is a great program that I highly recommend. My kids have different things going on such as pyrolles which affects their behavior, chronic asthma, chronic conditions, skin issues. The protocols are an amazing tool to help with all of these issues. Not only was my coach knowledgeable but they were compassionate and passionate about helping you achieve results. Truly a great investment for our families health and wellbeing. Thanks Connected Kidz!!

Jade Afu

Gold Coast, Australia

The most significant results of the program was for my son Brandon who just turned 13. For years he's struggled with dealing with emotions. He's a lovely kid but we rarely saw that side of him. We got the short-fused, angry, negative kid who had multiple meltdowns a week. I watched the vitamin webinar which explained how meltdowns can be improved very quickly with vitamin therapy. We heard this and my husband went straight down to the shops to get some. He's been on it ever since and it was an instant improvement. He seemed calmer, less negative, happier and wasn't as emotional. We saw less and less of the angry, negative, frustrated Brandon. He enjoyed the positive change too. His report cards and grades improved from C's to A's and his overall behaviour was a complete turn around from previous reports. I loved doing this program. It helped both my children AND myself so much! The coaches are dedicated to GENUINELY HELPING PEOPLE.

Kalena Rapana

Gold Coast, Australia

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